Energy Efficient Eco Homes

Do you want the design of your new home to reduce your ongoing energy costs in the future?

Can you imagine a home built with your family’s total comfort in mind - bright, open spaces using energy efficient, sustainable design solutions and materials?

Do you want to reduce the impact your new home will make on the environment?

At Hybrid Homes & Living, we believe that building a house is a bit like cooking a great meal – to get the best results, you have to get your ingredients right. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get these exactly right, to achieve a home that is natural, warm, healthy and costs little to run.

We will design and build a new home that is right for you.

Hybrid Homes house
Great design + innovative implementation + five core principles = Hybrid Home
Hybrid Homes house
Have a look through our gallery for inspiration of what we could design and build for you.
Hybrid Homes house
Great looking, affordable, modular homes - with the same focus on sustainability
Hybrid Homes solar panels
We have a range of products and suppliers for our homes - learn more about sustainable building materials.

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